Tekne Team

Our Coaches

Des Aspill Owner / Head Coach

An ex-gymnast himself, Des has continued to be passionately involved in the sport of gymnastics. For the past twenty years he has worked on developing skills as a coach. His coaching experience ranges from baby to adult pupils, at various levels. Always enthusiastic to improve, he gained qualifications in women’s artistic gymnastics,pre-school, fun 4 baby and general gymnastics. He has taught at many of the cross fit gyms in London and is now working on Tekne Fitness in Ibiza

The Tekne approach to teaching is dynamic and encouraging. Through praise and clear communication classes achieve a high level of discipline and respect for the safety rules of the gym.

We lead the younger children with play songs and games. Des's warm ups are fun and engaging story led stretches and legendary with the under fives

After many years of progressive coaching Des enjoys a reputation for motivating pupils to achieve there personal best, which is the foundation of Tekne Gymnastics Ltd. Working closely with Talacre Gym and Camden Council, Tekne Gymnastics Ltd is responsible for organising several annual events, displays and inter school competitions, along with providing courses for schools.

 Susi Burnham - Club Secretary / Welfare Officer / Level 1 coach

Susi joined Tekne Gymnastics in 2010 as the Club Secretary and is the club's Welfare Officer. Susi has also passed her Level 1 coaches since joining Tekne Gymnastics.


Head Coach Sally Miller

I previously trained and competed to a high/elite level in Womens Artistic Gymnastics, and in Sports Acrobatics and Tumbling.  I gained my first coaching qualification in 2001 and since then I have taught both recreational and competition level gymnasts.  I also have experience in judging at gymnastics competitions.

I believe in the three F’s during teaching – Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals.  I try to install these into my sessions and teach the gymnast to reach their full potential within gymnastics while they are having an enjoyable time.  I like to teach good solid basic skills to help the progression to more advanced skills.  I have gained experience at teaching various different levels of gymnastics from absolute beginner to development squad/pre-elite, and I have worked with a number of different club and senior club coaches, this has enabled me to learn a variety of effective coaching methods and techniques.

Gymnastics is a sport that I am passionate about both doing and teaching, and one that I am dedicated and committed to.

 Head Coach Tia Reid

 Tia is an elite gymnast through and through and her technical abilities are unmatched. Coming from a high level of gymnastics she has the range of   skills we need to really push Tekne forward. She is demands a high standard from the gymnasts but really makes the classes engaging and fun.