Scheduled Gymnastics Holiday Camp in London 

Tekne Gymnastics specialises in providing tailored holiday camp classes during non-term-time hours in London. Set-up with a view to extending performance, the sessions offer individuals the opportunity to enhance and grow their abilities while partaking in a striving and accessible learning environment that feels rewarding, enriching and stimulating. For children aged 3-16, the day-long modules offer the chance to practice techniques among a group, offering hours of gymnastics to get stuck into for peak development. Fast-paced and engaging, the teamwork propels an unrivalled sense of fulfilment, navigating training with our esteemed coaches via a focus on endurance, participation and adaptability.

What to Expect From Our Sporting Experience in London

Our classes are moderately priced, structured to allow optimum accessibility and involvement. Scheduled at regular intervals, we coordinate our sessions to allow individuals the chance to partake in activities during holidays. We offer several stages through each week, varying between ars, trampolines, tumble tracks and dance choreography to pack each one with momentum. We keep our class sizes small, teaching in a way which values close monitoring and interaction to ensure every child gets the most out of their experience with us when it comes to learning, development and progression. Running from 9.30-16.30, with built-in dedicated breaks and ongoing refreshments, our experiences, incorporating skill stations alongside games and interactive activities, generate a shared learning environment where participation, community and a love for the process are crucial.


Booking our holiday camp couldn’t be simpler. Our full calendar, classes and availability can be accessed online, where a week-by-week view shows what’s on regularly as well as one-off events. Our school is accessible, central and easy to find, with competitive price points for each type of focus-session, making us a leading go-to established academy for North London gymnastics.

Our Teaching Values, Commitment & Ethos

Committing to a sport that encourages a mode of self-expression, flexibility, harmony and balance requires commitment, perseverance and an awareness of personal growth. We strive to instil pupils with a distinct sense of self-confidence through our sporting education, allowing them to recognise their own potential and elevate their own standards and ideals. To us, teaching gymnastics means teaching individuals to listen and respond to their own bodies, performing in a way which expresses unique drive and contentment. Our coaches are fully qualified, with experience competing in the field, able and adept at ensuring students gain the utmost from their participation and feel stimulated and motivated from the get-go.

Sign-Up To Our Camden Gymnastics Club For Summer Camp, Practice & Involvement

Our holiday camp is available to sign up to at leisure, with our full schedule visible for easy access. Devised to extend the participation of students and extend their practice outside of regular classes, the sessions stimulate variably, incorporating new techniques, tools and trials to generate involvement. Renowned for being lively, fun and interactive, our holiday camp earns our centre its reputation as an innovative space, pioneering forward-thinking routes into progress for children in Camden advancing their gymnastics.