Original Gymnastics Academy in London

Tekne Gymnastics is an accredited school in London. Practicing with us means practicing joy. When we engage in gymnastics, we want to spark an energy in our learners that makes them feel fulfilled, enriched and able to achieve. Performing is a way of showing what we can do, what we’ve learnt and how we’ve grown. Through our classes, we aim to provide a training programme that’s rigorous and developmental while retaining a core focus on satisfaction, ensuring our sessions are structured innovatively around freedom of expression, movement and interpretation.

Our Classes

Our classes are structured to allow maximum adaptability. We offer stable and regular term-time options, as well as extra holiday camps to book in advance. We work on the floor and on vault to promote an apparatus-free learning zone, allowing individuals the chance to explore their own bodies and extend the boundaries of their performance.


Teaching is offered via group sessions, running repeatedly as part of a timetabled structured curriculum.

  • Bouncers Beginners: Rhythmic sessions aimed at instilling core confidence, technique and ability.
  • Bouncers Intermediate: Developmental classes elevating elementary learning by providing new standards of practice.
  • Bouncers Advanced: Progressive teaching to develop the ability of pupils at a high level.
  • Junior Squad: Classes entered by assessment, for in-depth and thorough training.
  • Aerials: Aimed at older beginners, for children aged 9 plus.

Our Development Programme

The benefits of learning new skills from an early age are visible on cognitive behaviours and thought patterns. At our centre, we promote a comprehensive progression plan that focuses on emotional well-being, prioritising the immediate uplifting effect exercise can have. Through our core training practice, we stimulate flexibility, key responsiveness and personal development that’s embedded in social reflexes and pathways. By engaging in a developmental process that stimulates the physical body as well as the mind, we cement a holistic approach to sports training that teaches individuals to love the process and the experience as well as any outcome. 

Take A Look At Our Classes, Club & Kids Activities in Camden

To join our classes, individuals are welcome to partake in an initial assessment, where one of our trained professionals will reliably review the performance and recommend the right class based on ability. All of our classes are structured on a stable and supportive environment, ensuring that individuals placed within any and every one are given the chance to succeed irrespective of advancement. The focus, to us, is on the moment, sharing the experience of learning and the joy of developing as well as the visible fulfilment of learning new skills. Browse online to see our full schedule, as well as availability, what’s coming-up and new features at our leading gymnastics academy in London.