Tekne Policies

Equal Opportunities

We welcome all pupils, regardless of age, race or gender and encourage all our gymnasts to work together and to develop respect for others. We will make every effort to help every gymnast to work towards their full potential throughout their time at the school, and encourage gymnasts to work independently and to develop their own individual skills. We take time to get to know the pupils as individuals and aim to meet the needs of each individual, working in partnership with them and their families.

Complaints and Appeals

We are always keen to hear feedback from gymnasts, parents and staff members and value new ideas and input. In the event of a complaint from a gymnast or parent, we encourage the complainant to speak Susi Burnham, the Welfare Officer. ALL complaints will be recorded in a Complaints Log Book, along with details of how the complaint was resolved.


Parents or guardians of all gymnasts must fill out a registration form and be a member of British Gymnastics before attending lessons, this form must state clearly the full name and address of the gymnast and any emergency contact numbers, once signed the parent/guardian has then accepted responsibility for all of our policies including the following:

Giving staff permission to:

Administer first aid

Apply plasters

Take photographs and videos which may be used for future promotional purposes.

Fees and Payment

All fees are due before the first class of each term. These dates must be adhered to. If fees are not received within two weeks then the gymnast will lose their space and will be refused entrance to class.

Cancellation of classes

The school reserves the right to cancel classes in extreme circumstances, e.g. Snow, teacher illness and will replace classes if possible within the same term or following term.


Classes and camps are non-refundable or transferrable except in extreme circumstances such as prolonged illness or injury. In the case of cancellation, the club will notify all parents of gymnasts by email and on the club website. 

Child Protection

The protection of the gymnasts at the club is of paramount importance and we work to ensure that all staff are trained and experienced in teaching gymnastics.

All gymnasts must stay within the premises until collected by an adult. Parents are not allowed into the gym unless invited by the coach. Registers are kept of attendance at classes and the club keeps an up-to-date list of emergency contact numbers for each gymnast, but please note you are responsible for keeping the club aware of any change of details. All coaches are British gymnastics qualified, and have a current CRB enhanced disclosure for this position.

Further information

The Club retains the right to expel a gymnast for unruly behaviour.

The School shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the gymnast’s person or property occurring on school premises.

All Gymnasts attend the club at their own risk.

Health & Safety

The club aims to keep the working environment of the gym, tidy, clean and free from hazards

Accidents and First Aid

Accidents during class are reported in the accident book.  Simple first aid is applied but if a serious problem is identified then the guardian is informed and gymnast is taken home or an ambulance is called whichever is deemed appropriate first.

First Aid

All coaches are first aid qualified.


Coaches in their own individual classes carry out their own visual risk assessments on a continual basis and are responsible for their own safe practice in class by keeping up with continual professional development via course and reading material.  Coaches are also responsible for taking class registers and following evacuation procedures. Records of names, addresses and contact numbers are kept by the club on a database and contact numbers are kept confidential. All new gymnasts sign or have their guardians sign a registration form which supplies their contact details and medical history. The siblings and parents who wait on site during class time are responsible for their own health and safety. This means agreeing with school rules of not playing in the playground or on school apparatus.

Liability Insurance

The club has public liability insurance on a group policy; all coaches also have their own insurance in addition. All British gymnastics members are insured with British Gymnastics. For off site classes, such as shows and presentations, these policies still apply however the general building policy is the responsibility of the venue and we would carry out a risk assessment when entering the venue.