Our Philosophy

At Tekne Gym, Pupils Soar!

The word Tekne not only means technology but, skill and dexterity. At Tekne we use the technology of communication to get skilled pupils with a high level of dexterity.

At Tekne Gymnastics we understand how early physical training has a proven impact on children’s development. It is our aim to teach in a fun, safe and nurturing environment that promotes confident, happy, young athletes. We take our craft very seriously as we know this is a really important time for our pupils.

At Tekne we understand that we are in an important position in an extremely influential time in a young persons life.

Stress response chemicals of the brain responsible for the emotional systems in later life are being set up at this crucial stage so encouragement is crucial.

Everything is broken down into achievable progressions.

We know that this method of teaching creates confident gymnasts willing to strive for their very best.


Gymnastics with its twisting, rolling, and tumbling is so important for building co ordination, forcing new neural pathways to be formed.

It also increases confidence and has proven effect on cognitive and social development. There is no better way for a child to help their physical, mental and social development.